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BT Socket to RJ11 Plug

BT Socket to RJ11 Plug

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ADSL Microfilter with Cable Lead and RJ11 Connection Adapter — BT Plug, BT Socket, ADSL Socket for Broadband Modems, White (1)

  • ADSL Microfilter Suitable for phones, fax machines , alarm system and digital TV boxes. The DSL filter adaptor separates voice and data signals to prevent interference and dropouts. This splitter is designed for use with ADSL broadband internet in the UK
  • Featuring high-performance Circuits to keep telephone conversations at high quality while maintaining optimum ADSL line speeds. It plugs into a BT-style telephone socket and provides one telephone socket as well as one ADSL modem connector socket.
  • The Circuit protection will be provided mostly by standard central office line protection means and additional protection measures built into the POTS splitter to protect against line overload, which could harm the splitter itself. 
  • BT to RJ11 enables a broadband modem to plug in alongside a normal telephone device. It filters out undesirable noise that might otherwise appear on the telephone side due to the ADSL signal.
  • We are trying to provide you with the best - the ADSL microfilter was radically redesigned in order to perfect its durability, stability, and accuracy of fit. We offer high quality adapters for an unbeatable price.

These high quality filter/splitters are designed for use with both ADSL installations of up to 5km from the exchange and higher speed lines such as DSL Max, ADSL2 and ADSL2+.

Designed to exceed the BT SIN #346 specification, this filter is ideal for difficult installations where a lesser specified filter results in synchronization issues, synchronisation loss, CLI not showing or erratic etc.

If it will not work with this filter, it will not work with any filter! Suitable for use with telephones, fax machines, digiboxes and caller ID units. Wire length approx 10cms.

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