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CAT6 Ethernet Network Cable (10m)

CAT6 Ethernet Network Cable (10m)

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CAT6 High-Speed Ethernet Patch Network Cable for LAN — Snagless Cable with RJ45 Connector Lead — Ideal for Internet, Router, Modem, Smart TV, PC & Laptop

  • Durable: Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) CAT6 moulded cable. 24 AWG. LSZH. Boot enables strong, strain-free connection and long life with multipurpose uses 
  • Super-Fast Connection: Handles high speeds easily with true gigabit speed up to 10/100/1000. Faster than WiFi, a wired connection is ideal for quick transfer speeds. Enjoy fewer dropouts, less buffering and faster data for gaming or video streaming.
  • Home or Office Networking: For computers, PCs, laptops, Macs, game consoles, Prime Video/Netflix, printers, modems, routers, TV, access point, sockets, hubs, switches, patch fields, patch panels, Virgin Media, SKY Box, etc.
  • Choose Your Length: Snagless cable suits your wired networking needs, from short to extra-long cords. Sizes start at 5m and go to 30m long. No wrapping necessary when you can select the correct length for the job.
  • Variety of Color Choices: Color code for function (for example, blue for printer and red for upstairs TV), or decor purposes. Simple push and click connection.

Experience reliable connection with high-quality performance cables for all of your needs. TheCAT6 Ethernet Cable provides a snagless and secure connection for your Internet browsing, streaming, printing, and gaming setups. This quality ethernet cable lets you easily connect peripherals to your LAN, creating a wired network that is more secure and stable than wireless networks.

  • CAT6 patch cable is verified for fast, consistent connection.
  • The flexible boot protects the RJ45 connector and resists damage and breakage wherever you use it.
  • How many meters do you need? Choose the exact length (5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m) and color you need for organized and efficient function.
  • Secure, reliable universal connectivity for media players, routers, servers, gaming devices, scanners and printers.
  • Cable is male to male, with two 15mm RJ45 connection points.
  • Strong connection reduces noise and interference that can degrade user quality.

While WiFi offers convenience, it can be inconsistent and offers less speed. Compared to your basic wireless network, ethernet cables allow you to set up a wired network. This creates a more secure and reliable Internet connection. This cable lets you easily connect computers and peripherals to your LAN, at home or in your business. 

TheCAT6 Ethernet Patch Cable is equipped with RJ45 connectors to provide universal connectivity. This allows you to link everything from computers and laptops, to printers, servers, routers, and switch boxes. Ethernet cables are ideal for networking media players, peripherals, storage devices, and other standard office equipment.

  • Faster connection speeds.
  • Less buffering.
  • Better streaming quality.
  • Less dropouts from poor connection.
  • Higher data speed.
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