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Daewoo Massage Gun

Daewoo Massage Gun

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Daewoo Rechargeable 1500MAH Mini Massage Gun 4 Massage Heads & Pain Relief Gun

This Handheld Massage Gun from Daewoo is both ergonomic and portable, with a 1500MAH rechargeable battery and included USB-C cable. The massager comes with 4 different massage heads, designed to help you reach the deep tissue and focus on the point of muscle pain and tightness. Using percussion therapy, the massage can aid reduction of lactic acid, increasing blood flow to ease pain and loosen tight muscles, with 6 levels of percussion to match your needs


  • Ease tight and stiff muscles by using percussion therapy to increase blood flow in the deep tissue, and reduce lactic acid build-up
  • Thanks to the handheld design and multiple massage heads, the Daewoo massage gun can get to the point of pain and help to increase blood flow, aiding pain relief
  • With a choice of 4 massage heads to best suit your needs, and 36 levels, easily adjustable via the digital touch screen, this massage gun can be tailored to your needs, be that arms, legs, back, neck, shoulders, or feet
  • Featuring a lightweight design, this compact handheld massager is ideal for travel or trips to the gym, simply throw it in a bag and go
  • Features a 1500MAH rechargeable battery and an included USB-C connector for wide compatibility
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