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DVI Male to VGA Female Adapter

DVI Male to VGA Female Adapter

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  • DVI to VGA converter is a great simple accessory between DVI source and VGA display device (One way conversion: digital DVI input to analog VGA ouput , not Bi-directional plug).
  • 24+1 pin DVI male to VGA female adaptor is designed with gold plated connector resists corrosion and increases durability.
  • DVI-VGA adapter (m-f) for monitor supports high resolution up to 1080p Full HD video; audio must be transmitted separately (VGA do not handle audio).
  • Small DVI-D coupler dongle with grip treads and screws makes an easy hook-up and a secure connection (fit in 24+5 DVI-I socket and 24+1 DVI-D female receptacle).
  • Passive DVID video connector for DVI laptop, PC computer to monitor, TV or projector with VGA port; an VGA cable is required (sold separately).

For DVI to VGA conversion needs:

When your TV only has VGA input, but your PS4 or video card use DVI, then this passive DVI-VGA adapter is a great simple solution for you to connect DVI-equipped host to VGA-equipped monitor.

Compatibility: The directional DVI to VGA adapter fits in 15 pin VGA male port, DVI-I (24+5) and DVI-d female receptacle


1.It’s 24+1 DVI-D to VGA converter, as a one way adapter (DVI in, VGA out) that it converts a DVI-D connection to a VGA connection, meaning you can do a DVI computer to VGA monitor.

2.DVI to VGA video adapter doesn’t support audio signal, audio must be transmitted separately if there is audio to be passed along.


Input Interface A: 24+1 DVI-I Male Connector
Output Interface B: 15 Pin VGA Female Socket
Max Resolutions supported: 1080p (1920 x 1080)

Drivers free, plug and play

DVI in VGA out - It’s NON bi-directional, can’t support VGA computer to DVI monitor.

What’s Included

1x DVI In to VGA Out Adapter

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